Acupuncture Testimonials


"Much appreciation.  I have received treatment from several acupuncturists over the decades and I put Chad right at the top regarding both competence and heartfelt care."

- S.B.


"Chadwick the Magnificent! Well, the title pretty much says it all Chad is skilled, compassionate, refined - and he gets results.  Im so grateful to have him poking me with needles and lighting fires on me!  I suppose it's possible you will find someone better in Ashland, but I swear, you can't go wrong with Chad and People's Choice."

- P.H.


"Chad continues to be my acupuncturist for the last two or three years.  He is a natural born healer, I find every sessions restful and calming.  Chad is attentive to my needs and able to diagnose my wellness beyond what I might describe.  Since his prices are reasonable I generally have a session every week to adjust my health and energy.  I enjoy the respectful community space of People's Choice."

- J.F-S.


"Chad Moyer is a true healer.  I have been receiving treatment from Chad while recovering from the fatigue of pneumonia.  I have experienced several Chinese Medicine Practitioners over the hears and I feel I have found a gem.  Chad is fully present when working with me.  He takes pulses with great sensitivity and feeling; is gifted in smoothly placing needles and always takes time to work points with his hands, before or after needling.  I appreciate his use of moxa in each session.  I leae each session feeling whole."

- S.T.


"Why I see Chad Moyer for acupuncture.  Having lived long, I choose to maintain optimum health.  I see Chad weekly for a tune up.  I enjoy Chad's mastery, he's a born healer and teacher.  I find People's Choice Acupuncture Center relaxing and comforting.  Resting during treatment is like taking a vacation, I walk out feeling restored and happy."

- R.Y.


"Calm, relaxing and totally worth it.  I feel like a new person after every treatment!  I feel relaxed, less stressed out and as if my body is naturally healing itself - it's wonderful.  Chad is very friendly, knowledgeable and considerate of how I'm feeling and what's being said.  If you're new to acupuncture I highly recommend giving it a try."

- K.T.


"Saving Grace.  After 3 months of major complications from surgery, I felt plateaued and was discouraged.  I had a squirmish sensitivity to the thought of acupuncture needles but knew the value of acupuncture and went to Chad.  He was so attuned to my fragility and approached with such gentleness that I could lean into each session.  He knew exactly what to do, where to strategically place each needle and I made a shift for the first time in 3 months.  I truly attribute this to Chad's fine work."

- A.B.B.


"My recent visit was very benefiial, as always.  By the end of my sessions my headache and back pains were gone.  I left relaxed, in a great mood, and had a much better night's sleep."

- M.G.


"I have been utilizing Chad's skillful practice for the last 6 years. I am happy to find an acupuncturist with such a depth of presence and inner wellbeing. I feel safe in his care on multidimensional levels. I have left each session feeling stronger and more in balance. I feel as though he is a treasure in our community and am grateful for what he shares with us. Long and happy life to Chad!"

- M.A.


"Peace and uplift every visit!  I love PCA and Chad! I have been a patient for several years as well as my adult children. We all love to go to see Chad. Every time I have a treatment I feel renewed to a central place of peace and uplift. The atmosphere is very soothing and calm. Chad listens with such kindness, presence, and compassion. His humor and light heartedness transforming energy up from pain and suffering is very strong. This is a place of very good medicine. I feel blessed in knowing Chad and PCA."

- D.S., LMT


"Quiet and nurturing.  Chad has such a comforting and nurturing style, that I love coming to acupuncture. I bought a package of 10, and it's been well worth it, as I have had all sorts of things he's helped me with, including pain in my back that I got relief from! Chad is very professional and knows a lot about how to help with body problems."

- M.B.


"Everything about my session at People's Choice was impressionably good.  Chad took plenty of time to discuss my needs and address my questions before my session.  His lad back yet professional approach put me at ease right away.  I felt very grounded and relaxed afterwords and I had confidence in his knowledge to address my specific health issues.  The center is very comfortable and warm with a friendly front desk staff.  I will definitely be back on a regular basis.

- H.H., LMT


"I travel a lot andlike to have acupuncture when I return home.  I can count on Chad to help me get rebalanced and energized after a stressful business trip."

- P.D.


"Feeling bettter after session.  Felt calmer after my session and my digestion was a lot better.  I also was invited to be in one of the private rooms which was lovely.  Thanks."

- L.P., PhD


"People's Choice Acupuncture is my go-to clinic.  Chad is consistently, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful."

- J.B.


"Best Choice.  I went in for indigestion complaints and came out 90% relieved of my symptoms immediately and getting better each day.  Chad is a gifted practitioner and the value is incomparible with five session discount.  I love having prepaid appointments so I can call anytime."

- M.S.


"What a great experience.  I could hardly walk when I got there.  I was using a cane to get around my sciatic nerve was hurting so bad.  After the first treatment with Chad, I was able to walk out of his office without using my cane.  With a follow-up appointment the next day, my sciatic nerve is so much better than it was.  Thank you so much you've been a tremendous help to me.  I wish I was staying in town longer."

- S.S.


"Reliably consistent excellent care.  Over the past 7 years - sincere gratitude, Chad, from both myself and my 14 year old.  Which 14 year old boy goes to acupuncture and loves it!?!"

- M.K.



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