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Hi guys,

Thanks for the opportunity to share how great you are. I as you know was very supported by your clinic during my medical journey.

I have always felt very welcomed and cared for. I am greeted with warmth. Your beautiful environment is soooo relaxing and healing. I loved the special attention even when others are in the room.  I can deeply rest in your safe container. Thank you. I will see you soon.

T. W., Ashland


I moved from Napa to Ashland for the type of affordable healthcare available through People's Choice. With their expertise and personal attention, I have been able to achieve a new level of personal health.

Tim Herrig


Suddenly, I had a very sore shoulder and couldn't tell if it was from so much computer work or a ski injury, but I decided to experiment using acupuncture. I set aside a very modest amount of money to be used for as many appointments as I could get. People's Choice fee schedule made it possible for me to come in 2-3 times a week for a month. I noticed an improvement immediately and after 3 weeks, I was completely pain-free. I have not had any recurring problems with that shoulder. This seems miraculous to me.

For any future problems, my first step will be to come to People's Choice for quick, effective, friendly and affordable treatment.

Sarah L. Cribb


Our entire family has enjoyed and benefited from People's Choice Acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs.  The group room experience is one of comfort and sweetness.  We feel it enhances the healing process for all resting in the room together during their treatments. The group room rates make it possible to address chronic health issues while receiving deeply effective health care for the longer time it may take to truly make a lasting positive change.
Chad & Shanai Moyer are very caring and have demonstrated an advanced knowledge of Chinese Medicine/herbs and Acupuncture. Both attended to various health issues for our family, with compassion and professionalism. We all have experienced great improvement to our physical & emotional health!  Thank you soooo much!

The Brellochs- Stiritz Clan.


Hi I would like to tell about what all acupuncture has done for me. To start with I just don't like needles.So I wasn't crazy about the idea of doing this. But I was desperate. I have year round allergies. So I was using nasal spray and a pill once a day. So I started and low and behold, the needles were nothing and the outcome has been wonderful. No more medicine and I can breathe. That was great!  Just go for a tune-up and all is great.

Now for the big one for Chad: I have M.S. and I haven't felt my feet in about 20 years. Well after about two weeks with treatments of about one to two times a week, I was walking and I realized I could feel my feet. This may seem like not much but it was major to me. Chad was my Angel.

Thank you,
Melanie Sunday


From end to end, my experience at People's choice acupuncture was extremely positive. The serene vessel which Chad and Shanai and create is very conducive to enhancing their already excellent acupuncture treatments. The community-style setting is, for me, a welcome return to a centuries-old tradition of administering to a circle of people..... with benefits spilling over gracefully from person to person throughout the entire treatment space.



There is 'healing' and there is 'curing' and the blessing is that both are found at People's Choice Acupuncture.

I first went to People's Choice based on strong positive recommendations from friends. I had a strained lower back. After receiving three treatments in five days all signs of strain had disappeared. I well remember dancing out of the office after the third treatment feeling light as air.

Currently I am receiving treatment for a less easily defined issue. This is where I am experiencing true healing. Yes,  the 'cure' piece is happening, but the tender sweet part that truly brings me back to People's Choice is the healing. They really listen. It is amazing how quickly they read your body so they can help you, through acupuncture or herbs, in an appropriate way.

A bonus is that acupuncture is received in a room with others undergoing treatment. I have lived in SE Asia and this is common  for many treatments - including facials! Being part of a small group giving and receiving love and attention is a sacred experience. Each person receives intimate attention the whole time, while the peaceful energy of the room where the intent on healing has been set, permeates the whole. Intimately we each are cured, together we heal. Somehow in North America we have rewarded or exaggerated the 'one on one' experience. People's Choice gives the gift of a beautiful healing community.

Sharon Wendt


Last year I injured my shoulder and had quite a bit of pain and very limited range of motion.  Someone had told me about People's Choice clinic so I decided to try it.  Wow!  A beautiful, relaxing atmosphere and such compassionate healers ... after one or two sessions with acupuncture and moxibustion, I was nearly pain-free and was able to move my arm once again.  A few months later, following a knee injury, I returned and was once again pleased with the care I received there.  I totally recommend them to anyone, whether in crisis or simply wanting to maintain optimum health.

Donna Corso


I was very skeptical at first, and not sure if I wanted to try acupuncture. A friend of mine, and pain in my lower back and feet finally convinced me to go. The experience was calm and soothing, the staff friendly and knowledgeable, and the relief was fast and long lasting. I was totally amazed, and have had several visits since then. And I am planning another visit very soon.  Thank you People's Choice!

Roy Wisbey


I went in with a "tennis elbow" and it was better after the first treatment: in less than 2 months it was healed. Plus there were side benefits from the treatments I didn't expect: I slept better and the stress around my job was manageable again. Everyone on the staff is sweet and the environment feels very soothing.   Thanks to Chad and Shanai and Jennifer!

Marcia Pinneau


I began receiving acupuncture as a way to deal with severe headaches. The staff at People's Choice Community Acupuncture were professional and caring, and provided a comfortable and welcoming environment in which to receive treatment. The acupuncture sessions not only banished my headaches, but also helped ease the joint pain in my hips and knee from old dance injuries and helped my insomnia. I highly recommend People's Choice Community Acupuncture for anyone considering acupuncture treatments!

Anastasia Hart-Baker


My acupuncture treatments have brought me great emotional as well has physical success, promoting an unexpected well being in my daily life.   As a physically challenged senior, I had taken a fall that had broken my hip and pelvis leaving me in a great deal of pain and with some difficulty getting around. I had tried many different types of treatment that had little or no impact. I was unable to get out of bed in the morning without first taking medication for pain.  After having Acupuncture, I was surprised to find myself no longer relying on pain medication and have become more mobile and flexible in my movements.  I now seek acupuncture as a way to continue on-going good health and a pain free life.

Alene Smalley


Prior to coming to Ashland I received acupuncture for many years in the style where I was alone in a room and treated individually by the acupuncturist. While that was effective, I was delighted to experience something different when People's Choice Community Acupuncture opened their doors. It is my understanding that dis-ease and healing take place within a community. Receiving expert, caring, affordable, highly effective treatment in a community setting is much more satisfying for me. When I had a bad knee injury I healed more quickly because I was able to receive more frequent treatments due to the affordable prices offered at People's Choice. Chad and Shanai's training and compassionate approach are exceptional! I highly recommend People's Choice as THE place to go for acupuncture in the Rogue Valley!

Louise M. Paré, Ph.D.


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