Acupuncture for Allergies?


Acupuncture for allergies can help you breathe more freely and relieve itchy, watery eyes almost instantly.

The Rogue Valley is home to some highly allergenic pollens and molds, and many residents who have had no history of allergies complain of seasonal allergies after moving here or living here for some time.  Often, a patient is in our clinic to address some other complaint and asks in an off-hand way if it’s possible to do acupuncture for allergies.  The answer is - Absolutely!

Usually when a patient is receiving acupuncture for allergies, they notice a remarkable reduction of their symptoms within seconds of the needles being inserted, or certainly by the time they’re removed.  This can include an ability to breathe through previously blocked sinuses, reduction or elimination of headache, relief of itching and watery eyes, unblocking stopped-up ears, less wheezing and freer respiration in the bronchii and lungs, and a sense of “more space” and “not feeling like I’m underwater anymore.”

To consolidate and strengthen the effects of using acupuncture for allergies, we often recommend a Chinese herbal formula, specifically tailored to each person’s exact pattern diagnosis.  Most commonly, this formula is based on one of the following classical or modern formulas: xin yi san, cang er san, or qing bi tang.  To learn more about Chinese herbology, the herbs we use, and how they are prescribed, click here.

Most of our patients find that they can dramatically reduce, or discontinue completely their reliance on over-the-counter and prescription allergy medicines, and we are grateful that they recommend acupuncture for allergies to their friends and family members.




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