Everybody knows that exercise is important in order to feel energetic and healthy, right?  But what happens if you’re too tired to exercise?  Or maybe you feel great right after a workout, but spend the next several days completely flat, struggling to recover.  I know these are common cases because my patients confess these dilemmas with me daily.  So what to do?

Enter Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  These gentle, rhythmic, meditative exercises are renowned worldwide for their restorative, strengthening, balancing effects on both mind and body.  Energy levels rise with practice.  High blood pressure recedes, hormones levels and digestion improve, and a hundred other maladies both simple and complex are showing in study after study to be ameliorated by these ancient practices.

Now, more than ever, theses disciplines are demonstrating their relevance and their worth for us moderns and our modern lifestyles.  Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can practice and benefit from qi gong (for convenience sake, I will refer to both tai chi and qi gong collectively as simply “qi gong”).  I once had a friend who was blind and wheelchair bound from cerebral palsy who noticed definite improvements to his health when he practiced qi gong.  His practice?  To simply visualize the qi gong movements in his mind’s eye as our instructor lead our class.  So I’m serious when I say that nobody is too sick, weak, or tired to benefit from qi gong.

Oh.  And it’s enjoyable too.  I thought I should mention that little fact (opinion, I suppose) because few of us seem to want one more thing we should (or shouldn’t) do “for our health”, whether we like it or not.  I don’t.  But what I find, over and over again – both from my own experience and from those who report it to me – is that qi gong is actually very enjoyable; pleasurable even.

So now I’ll cut to the chase:  People’s Choice is cosponsoring a qi gong workshop on June 22nd and 23rd at the Medford Library.  Friday the 22nd will be an introduction and demonstration followed by two different workshops on Saturday the 23rdPlease follow this link for more details. 

I’m really not much for a hard-sell, so I’ll wrap up with this:  You can’t go wrong by attending this event.  The visiting instructor, Michael Vasquez, has drunk deeply from the qi gong well for three and a half decades and you can’t help but be positively affected by both his words and presence.  Not sure if a workshop is for you?  Come to the free intro Friday night and find out.  Your healthy “Future You” will thank you.



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