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I’m feeling a renewed love for my practice of TaiChi/QiGong and thought I’d share some thoughts.  I want to do this especially in light of the great opportunity coming up to experience a master level teacher – Michael Vasquez – that we’re hosting in Medford for a one day workshop on May 4th(To see details and to register for the event, click here.)

But first, an invitation and a caution about one day or weekend workshops:  Have you ever been to one?  You know, you see the poster.  It tells you about all the wonderful things you will learn or master in one or two event packed days.  You sign up, full of anticipation that this will finally be it, you go, and it is Awesome.  The presenter really delivers.  You thank your lucky stars that you had the good fortune to attend and you leave high on the experience and high on the certainty that you will put this newfound knowledge or skill to good use in your life.

For a few days or maybe even a week you are diligent and practice your new skills, but the feeling is becoming faded.  Then you miss a day, then two… Two weeks later, that awesome workshop and all you thought you had gained is a frustratingly distant memory.

Sound familiar?  I know that I’ve been through that routine enough that I’m pretty jaded about weekend workshops.  BUT,

There IS a way to benefit from weekend workshops. And don’t get me wrong – the inspiration and potential to break-through to a new level of skill and understanding at a workshop is real. However, you need to find ongoing support – in the form of a class or study group – where you can ground your new-found skills in practice so they can truly take root, develop, and become yours.

This is where the classes offered at People’s Choice Acupuncture come in.  I have been a student of Michael’s for the past seven years, and our class practices, several times a week, the exact material that will be offered at the upcoming workshop.  All that is required is the desire to develop and the willingness to put in the time.  You are not alone!

So, what will be offered:  YiJinJing QiGong (Ee Jin Jing Chee Gong).  This is special QiGong, and to my knowledge, no one else is teaching this anywhere else around these parts. This is the practice that the legendary Bodhidharma gave to the Shaolin monks in China when he took Buddhism to China from India.  He saw that the monks there were frail and weak from inactivity, and this was his gift to them.  (The Shaolin monks are now renown world-wide for their physical prowess and martial acrobatic skills).

This practice is a very yang (dynamic) form of practice that has the effect of dramatically increasing the body’s strength while balancing the joints and making them supple and flexible.  It improves the posture so radically it is sometimes referred to as “bone-straightening QiGong”.  It requires no props or equipment, so once you have it, it’s yours to take and use anywhere, anytime.  While a strong practice, it can be “dialed-in” to any level of fitness.  So whether you’re in top shape or just getting started, this practice can be safely employed.

The second workshop offering will be TaiChi QiGong.  This material will perfectly compliment that of the first section.  It is a very yin (quiet/listening) practice.  It offers at its heart the possibility of “getting on the right side of change” in our lives.  Events that have shaped us, perhaps in a way or ways we don’t like, can be neutralized and the body/mind can be returned, gradually, to its open, original state. 

The practices of TaiChi QiGong are rhythmic and circular, and have been proven to have a positive effect at all levels of body function – from coordination and balance, to blood pressure and hormone regulation.  The mind becomes clear and perceptive.

Please click through to the registration page and give yourself the gift of a practice that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.  The possibility exists that it only gets better from here, but that possibility needs to be seized.  Take action!



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