Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

The people we probably help the most often are those seeking relief through acupuncture for low back pain.  Acupuncture for low back pain, often especially in conjunction with other complimentary therapies such as massage and chiropractic, is wonderfully effective at reducing or eliminating pain, resolving blockages and tightness in the muscles, and healing insult and injuries to the spine, whether old or new.

Doctors have been effectively using acupuncture for low back pain for thousands of years!  As no doubt seems obvious, accidents and lifting injuries are nothing new.  Fortunately, neither is acupuncture.

Well then, how does acupuncture relieve the pain of a sore or injured back?  According to Chinese medical theory, it does so by promoting the circulation and relieving stagnation of qi and blood.  Western science observes that acupuncture increases both the quantity and the quality of blood circulation to affected tissues.  This means damaged cells can more quickly process and dispose of waste, while simultaneously being fed the necessary building blocks for repair.  Additionally, a measured decrease in inflammation accompanies the use of acupuncture for low back pain.

So, what should you do if your back is hurting?  That depends on why it's hurting.  If you've recently suffered a major accident or impact injury or suspect that something structural needs to be addressed, you should begin by seeing an osteopathic doctor or chiropractor.  Then, add acupuncture to aid the body in increasing circulation while decreasing inflammation. The combination of acupuncture for low back pain with other complimentary rehabilitative therapies defines the cutting-edge treatment for acute injury to the back and spine.

The recipe is not that much different if your back hurts but not because of a recent injury.  The combination of acupuncture for low back pain along with other complimentary therapies remains unchanged.  The only exception is that you can start with whatever therapy you believe will help you the most “ not necessarily osteo or chiropractic."

For long standing, chronic conditions of low back pain, acupuncture may need to be repeated for an extended period of time to obtain satisfying results.  Courses of treatment lasting eight months to two years are not uncommon.  Fortunately, even in most of these chronic cases, acupuncture for low back pain provides relief that allows a return to the activities of normal daily life.


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