Acupuncture for Migraine Headaches

Many of our clients are relieved to find that acupuncture for migraine headaches is a viable alternative to the current crop of pharmaceutical/medical migraine interventions.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, pain of any type is synonymous with a blockage of qi, or the body's vital energy.  This  qi blockage can be caused by a number of different factors, which in the case of migraine headaches usually fall into a few main types.  These include stagnation of blood, often due to trauma or injury even decades old; disharmony of the liver and/or gallbladder channels, or an imbalance in (usually) female hormones.  Fortunately for the consumer of acupuncture, it has been our experience that acupuncture for the treatment of migraine headaches is usually very effective.

What can one expect if coming in for acupuncture for migraines?  Often, patients report a reduction of pain within seconds of the insertion of the needles.  Certainly by the time needles are removed one half to one hour later, most patients find their symptoms noticeably improved.  This can include less pain, lessening of visual disturbances, a decrease in nausea, and less over-sensitivity to light and sound.

Sometimes, acupuncture for migraine headaches provides a quick fix, and patients are finished with treatment after only a handful of sessions.  Much more commonly, however, is the case where the pattern of disharmony leading to migraine headaches is firmly entrenched, and a longer course of treatment is indicated.  This might look like acupuncture sessions 2 to 3 times per week for several months before good results are lasting.

Many times, we will recommend the use of Chinese herbal formulae, specifically tailored to each person's exact pattern of disharmony, to strengthen and consolidate the effects gained by using acupuncture for migraine headaches.  To learn more about Chinese herbology, the herbs we use, and how they are prescribed, click here.

To recap, acupuncture is often received as a God sendĚ by those suffering from acute or chronic occurrences of migraine headaches.  Consistent treatment with acupuncture almost always results in a decrease in the severity and in the frequency of migraine attacks.  If you need help with migraines or feel like you are out of options with your current treatment plan, consider receiving acupuncture for migraines and see why so many relieved patients recommend it.


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